Email Jamie Hall, Author

I've decided to cut down on spam by using an email graphic. This is a trick where you use a picture instead of typing your address.

This is my email address. This is the email to use if you want to email me after reading my blog or looking at my websites. If you know me in person or I have a professional relationship with you, I've probably given you a different email address. If you have trouble reading the picture, know that it contains the words "jamie" and "author" and "hall."

If you have any of my hotmail addresses, DON'T USE THEM. They've become such spam magnets that I just ignore them anymore. I've found them useful for only one thing: diverting would-be spam from all those online places where you need to register, and then you never know if you're going to start getting spammed the moment you sign up.

If you need to send something to me by snail mail, please email me and request my postal address.

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